Eight years into her professional wedding photography journey, Mel Roach – the lady behind the lens at Maxi Photography – is taking stock of everything she’s learned so far.

“A decade ago, when I sat down to design the logo for my fledgling photography business, I didn’t think it would ever provide me with more than a little beer – or wine – money,” Mel says. “Now here I am, with the privilege of hundreds of weddings in my portfolio to date and a busy schedule heading into my ninth year and beyond. It’s been a pretty crazy ride!”

So, what has Mel learned after being an honoured observer at so many special occasions?

“It sounds like a cliché, but every wedding really is different because people are at the heart of the day,” she says. “That’s why I wanted Maxi Photography to not only capture the event in a natural, documentary style that didn’t follow a tried-and-tested formula, but also to reflect the personalities of the couple and their celebration.”

Starting out at a time when male wedding photographers seemingly dominated her profession, Mel had an instinct that bringing a feminine touch to photography would result in the creatively nuanced, modern, yet timeless images for which she’s now renowned.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned as a photographer is to let the day speak for itself,” she says. "The story of the wedding – even of the relationship – is there in the faces, the smiles, the brilliant little moments that mean so much. People often hope that the photographer will put some sort of sheen on the wedding, but I’ve found that happy couples never need that. Shooting as a team with my husband ensures both no part of the day is missed; from getting ready to what the guests get up to whilst you’re having your couple shots. The story is there, all we do is capture it in a way that will make my couples smile for the rest of their lives.”

Having finally found time to catch her breath (back in winter/spring 19 when this was redesigned!), Mel decided to rebrand Maxi Photography with the help of extremely talented designer 'Kim' (who redesigned a very well known confectionery brand packaging a few years back) to reflect her evolving ethos as a photographer. So, the well-known magenta star that represented femininity has been superseded by a classic, timeless new logo.

“I love the elegant simplicity of the new logo,” Mel says. “Although it’s time to say goodbye to the star, the magenta accent preserves the brand I’ve worked so hard to build as we move forward together.”

PR by White Spot Communications (thank you!)

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The original logo (below) has served us well for nearly nine years, but it's time to move forward with a more elegant look moving into 2020 (above). 

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