...and just like that another year has whizzed by and I'm yet again late posting my 'Best of'! Nevermind, it was an exceptional year and I've only just caught up with the editing (!) and have a few albums to now get on with!

BUT, what a year 2021 was! A rollercoaster of emotions, still juggling with restrictions and the consequences of the 'Rona being very much part of the year. We shot little weddings, big weddings and in-the-middle sized weddings.

We captured weddings at country manors, under an oak tree, by the beach, in barns, walled gardens and summerhouses, inside and outside, in the sun, rain and wind! We finally were able to shoot weddings which have been planned for up to four years with reschedules and also stepped in at the last minute to cover where other photographers couldn't due to COVID.

I've been shouted at for wearing a face mask, eaten cake made by a 'Great British Bake-Off' contestant and gone into the sea for some super fun beach shots! From May 2021, I have literally shot, edited, eaten and slept and delivered my final wedding edit last month.

So here we are, with the year summed up in three minutes - it's SO difficult to choose just a few images from each wedding, and these are by no means all my favourites, but some to get a flavour of the year. 

There's a little video if you fancy a quick paced flick with a bit of music (whooooo, check me out with my skills lol!) or you can leisurely scroll the images below which feature a few more shots that I couldn't fit on the video (videographers - your job is very, very safe!) 

I hope you enjoy!  

( A full list of venues can be found at the end)

Venues seen above: 

Bovey Castle, Rockbeare Manor, Huntsham Coury, Brickhouse Vineyard, Upton Barn & Walled Garden, Tunnels Beaches, Pynes House, Pratts hayes, Deer Park, Middle Coombe Farm, Horn of Plenty, Paschoe House, Polhawn Fort. 

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